Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14th, 2015

Siblings Mia and Gatana all snuggled in

Mowgli, about to leap for it!

Tanzing should win an award for the cutest napper

Beau is creepin' down the stairs

Skeeter comes out to wander

Scooter is looking very proud and mighty

What a fluffball Frankie is

We just adore sweet Sam!

I found a Brody up there!

Strike a pose, Petunia

Curious little Xinhou

Mowgli is an impressive looking kitty

Snuggles for Juneau

About to pounce!

A relaxed afternoon out on the catio for Skeeter, Holder and Xinhou

Telegraph checked in yesterday, she seems to really enjoy exploring the catio for the first time

Poke makes a good play buddy

Eyeing that toy!

Cinnamon is scratches away

Mitchell's new territory

So high up there!

I found Miss Tilly a-snoozin' away

Love those ears, Benci!
Sweet Jack and Olive love napping together all bundled and close

Stealing some love from Pablo!

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