Sunday, September 6, 2015

September 6th, 2015This

Bubba is peering out the window on this misty morning

Siblings Mitchell and Cinnamon all nestled in

More snuggley sibling love from Mo and Jo

Rainy daintily sips her water

Beau is all stretched out

Kashi has the most comfortable looking bed

Josie says "Please don't wake me up!"

Badger in his tent

Mowgli on the prowl 

Petunia soaking up some love

Juneau has a very stylish fur coat

Mowgli about to lunge

Eliza loves it up on the top of the catio

Indy is dreaming away

This is one gorgeous kitty with with crystal blue eyes!

Hellllllo up there, Harper!

Luna marking her territory

Brody is a handsome fellow

Purr-C has such a sweet little head!

Perhaps Bubba would like to organize the file cabnet for us

Mika hops on my lap for some cuddles!
It's a busy Labor Day weekend at All My Kitties, we apologize if we could not get your cat in the blog today! We will try again very soon.

Your Blog Host, Lindsay

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