Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!!!


We always try to get a little festive with things during the spookiest time of the year

Even Baby was feeling festive!

Joey and Cleocatra were having a blast too!

Miss Kona we will miss you!


Even Zoey joined the fun!

But wait! A hero has come to save the day!

And defeat all the evil toys!

Joey and Zoey got to try out new fashions

Which Zoey would only tolerate if I kept petting her

Joey is pretty sure hats are for chasing down

More adorable super-cat

Mojo is just a super-adorable cat

Mittens wants to know what all the buzz is about

Julien is always such a pal!

Mr Theo is just snuggled up with a heating pad

Marley is always on the prowl

Every day is Halloween for Puss'n'Boots

Even heroes need their rest...

Jubilee likes to hang out behind the desk here it's all warm!

Bela is nice and cozy

Emmy already has Halloween colors!

McClane looks so comfy!

Peter is snoozing away the holiday

Gigi will get her chin scratched even if I'm done scratching

Bella needs scratches too!

Blog today by Miles wishing you all a happy Halloween!

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