Monday, October 19, 2015

October 29th, 2015

Baby is back! She is our current representative from the clan of the fluffy-shy-ceiling-cats

What's this? Merlin is spending time inside!

Holder always jumps out to say hi to me!

Maggie is the sweetest! She is also very insistent on getting her attention

Lestat and Leopold are cuddle-buddies!

Peter in a portrait

Yana being her adorable cuddly self

And her sister Nyar being just as sweet!

We should just start calling this one Cougar Cabin, he's always there!

Bazbeaux came down to hang out


Little Bit has cemented this as her post

Sorry Gus, I didn't mean to interrupt your nap!


Duke, giving us a perfect preening pose

Lulu and Arina! perfectly posed

Joey is pretty curious as to why I'm not petting him right now

Mr Angel enjoying the view

Smokey is always here to help with the computer work

If any of you got emails that only said "Meow" but you think were actually requests for kibble, it might have been him

Desi was intent on hanging out with me, so I got Ellen's help getting a picture!

As it turns out, the broom is Ruby's favorite toy

Theo knows how to get comfy

Joey and Zoey love to hang out together!

Kiki was napping with her head on the food dish! It was super cute but I woke her up

Chats Is always exploring!

Spike found a spot with a view too!

Blog today by Miles, enjoying the extensive company of wonderful cats around me as October's overcast weather creeps into town

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