Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Holder knows how to pose

Desi doesn't ask for much out of life, just some love and scratches here and there

Hershal looking sneaky 

Little Loki is oh so content

Spike seems to not be thrilled with camera action during nap time

Which is cuter Sooshy, you or your personality?

Katie is rather chatty this afternoon

Trooper is laying on the charm

 Just look at that face!

Oh hey, Sailor!

Marking the territory

Sculpin is out.

Radar is well tucked in and about to zonk out

Basil is so gentile and sweet!

Callie is easy on the eye

Bed time!

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you are all able to stay dry on this mighty wet Monday!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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  1. I know that Herschel is not the most exciting of your visitors but the wonderful photos that you provide us with allow us to know how well cared for he is .