Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year from All My Kitties!!

Leo loungin' around

Whatever Kona had to tell me, it was definitely important

Love those eyes, Palu!

Sweet Ben came in for some affection

Too much New Years cheer, AO?

AO and Clovis nap off the obvious hangover

You sure take a pretty picture, Clovis

Hester is handsome!

Grace looks like a little princess in there

Buster loves to follow his humans around in hopes of some pets

Josie snoozes the afternoon away

Marilyn is a marvelous!

Maggie matches her bed!

Smokey isn't ready to get up

Neither is Jessica

Pink looks good on you, Puss!

Mossimo and Sam are snuggle bugs

Gigi crawls on out 

Stella is a chatternox today

Purr-C sure is pretty

Luna prepares the bed

...and hops right out

Merlin is back!

Millie tells me a secret


Are you giving me the stink eye??

I found Lazer all nestled up in someone else's carrier

We hope your 2016 has begun well! See you all soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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