Friday, January 15, 2016

January 15, 2016

 There are too many sweet kitties here today!  I can't get anything done because they're so adorable!

Theo's taking in nice 'n easy!

Leo loves his window spots.

...And our computer chair!

Aarow is the handsomest of cats.


Boo is such a darling! 

I could just hold him like a teddy bear all day!

Leo again, looking very distinguished.  

Lovely Rocky just came in yesterday and he's starting to come out of his shell.  

Here comes Oscar!

Liam is the snuggliest litte teacup I've ever seen!  


Puss is napping through the rain today.  


Mr. T just woke up from a cat nap.  

Gilmore is all eyes!

Louie looks very regal on his throne.

Noodles, you're so photogenic!

Say, "CHEESE!"  

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,


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