Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12th, 2016

Happy Spring Break form All My Kitties! We have a very busy week ahead in full force, we very much hope we were able to capture all of your furry little beings!

Lucy was found like this. It had to be photographed!

Umi at work

Gabby blends in nicely with the chair

It sure is hard to get any wopok done with Lucy and her sweet face around!

Hey Roger!

Sister Juenbug is a darling!

Gotta love the eyes on Manny

Puss'n Boots says "Who's there?!"

Bear is back!

It's chatty Maddie!

Boy do I want to snuggle up with Arina!

Caruso has the most stunning coat

Jessica woke up like this

Sweet Smokey!

KC loves the catio!

Mojo knows how to get our attention

Rise and shine, Mittens!

Taj has claimed this house as his

Olivia, could you be any cuter?

Haji takes a sip


Otto may be our friendliest guest. He loves to follow us around and meow for pets


Nice bed head, Lulu!

Pancho is one of our long time guests

We just adore him!

Muffin and the struggle to snuggle

Sadie just wants to get back to snoozing

See you all very soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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