Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's one hot and sunny day here at the Cattery!

It's beautiful Bear!

Oscar steps in for cuddles

Marley snoozes away the afternoon

Check out the Markings on Baret!

Uh oh, knocked over a shelf!

Silly boy!

Washing our windows, Igor?

Fun in the sun

Pudge prefers to be perched on shelves

Frankie sun baths in her favorite spot

Julian enjoys the warm afternoon

Such a gentle boy!
Mittens and her eyes!

Ziggy is looking mighty lazy

Cutie pie

Lucy cracks an open for the camera!

As does her sister, Muffin

Back to sleep now.

Pepper is a chatty guy!

His brother Dexter is a bit more quiet

Lucas looks positively relaxed!

As does little miss Umi

Good day, Emma!

Pepper has so much to say!

Hope you are all enjoying the warm week! Until next time!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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