Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26th, 2016

It's a very busy week here at All My Kitties before the big Holiday weekend. Our furry friends are soaking up the sun and heat to full advantage!

Francis looks positively relaxed

Ocho has the biggest personality!

Ollie is hardly awake

Missy says " What are you looking at?"

Jessica looks ferocious!

Archie is adorable!

Missy has something to say


Good stretching, little buddy

Rocky on his thrown

Ocho is a frisky little guy

Batman and Peto looking on

Francis looks suspicious 

Best spot in the house, Notch!

Here comes Tiger


Notch, Tiger & Batman hangin' out in the catio

Such big feet you have, Francis!

Archie & Tiger a lovely orange boys

Missy is mighty pretty!

Poncho looks pooped!

Candy darling!

Oh hey, Olaf!

Lovely little Lola!

Sarge is in charge!

Oslo is all eyes!

So many kitties, so little time!

Allison gets entertained 

Grace is our girl!

Peto is a dapper dude


Olive has the fluffiest grey coat! Perfect for winter, I'd assume.

There you are, Ravi!

Charlie is hanging out in dreamland


Shirley sure is a darling!

Gabby is a silly girl!

We love sweet Percy!

Looking good, Gremlin!

Miava just woke up from a long slumber

Umi is mighty comfy!

Woah, Louie!

Have a delightful Sunday in the splendid sun!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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