Thursday, June 16, 2016

May 16,

Black Cat Day!

 Johnny Walker isn't black but she's a really nice lady. 

Oberst looks like he made a meal out of his basket

Black cat #1 Beau

Black cat #2 Muimui

Chole is watching out over her cage so no black cats get in.

Black cat # 3 Jesscia

Muimui repeat of #2

Sophie find comfort in her carrier.

Butters plays hide and seek but always keeps a watchful eye out.

Black cat #4Lestat

Peto likes to hide and show off his third eye.

What cute markings on Oly.
Duke is a handsome devil.

Black cat # 5 Shadow

Hey Chole is checking out the catio.

Olaf has something to say.

I found Missey in a cat cabin. 

Cougar, while not all black, would be considered a tuxedo.

Quorra is another tuxedo.

Grace is as pretty as this picture.

Kiki always has this look.  

Cheerio went home but we're sorry to see her leave.

Ocho makes me want to say 8.

I caught Umi in a slurp.

Percy is a hide and go seek cat too.  

Maybe its a tuxedo day here with Louie.

Nope Dexter makes it black cat # 6.

And Pepper makes it #7.  Don't t

Taylor is quite the contrast.  

Sorry for the delay in blogs.  We've been super busy here at AMK and are trying our hardest to fit them all in.

Your blog host. - Marie

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