Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 20th

It's wide eyed Watson!

Getting goofy

Lucy lives a life of luxury

Shirley has been napping on our printer all day!

Roxy rules!

"Is this my good side?"

Umi in her usual throne

Darling Oscar loves his little tents and baskets

Mr. Watson has quite the fur coat!

It's marvelous Muffin!

Phil knows how to keep it chill

Kuro contemplates the day

Watson takes a sip

Sammy gets sill for the camera!

Mossimo has the right idea about comfort

Lazar almost blends in with the shelf!

Leo in his "space ship!"

Getting lazy...

Liam is so precious!

Ocelot visits the catio and has lots to say

Peto takes relaxation to another level

Sneaky Miles!

Gotcha, Lloyd!

Two grey guys!

Mossimo soaks up Allison cuddles

Chuck is a chipper guy!

Braveheart is not modest about her cuteness

Love the way you're sitting, Ocho!

Fred says, "Don't you dare take my spot!"

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