Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 7th, 2016

George is one long legged boy!

What a physique!

Cleo is calm

Palu is tucked in and ready for slumber

Mowgli plays peek-a-boo in his tent

Getting pets

Percy is the best!

Umi values her rest

Gabby on the move

It's jolly Josie!

Gus is glorious!

Missey has claimed this hut as her napping sanctuary 

It's sweet Sammy!


Lopo is one lovely lad

Charlie is about to leap for it

Notch has the best spot in the house

Frank has come out to explore

And to snuggle

Peto chills out

Jessica is about to jump!

Millie looking magnificent!

Have a great day!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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