Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 22nd 2016

A great group of kitties make the most out of the final days of Summer!

Cougar knows how to have a good time!

Pepper keeps it cool in his private lounge.  

Olive is so friendly!

Vixen in always trying out new spots to take naps.  

Suki picked herself out a condo that she likes and made herself at home.  

Geurnsy is looking very smart with his dapper mustache.  

Archie is such a pretty boy!  

That Otis is one cool kitty!  

Little Bit reporting for photos!  

Meile is a classic beauty.  

Harriet prefers her perches up high.  
Who knew she could be so silly sweet!  

Nixie is one tough cookie!  

Lily is so quiet and easy!  

Sally is a dignified old gal!  

Wake up, little Suzy, wake up!  

Blanton is back!  And he's staked out his favorite spot at the end of the catio!

Not featured; Casper, because he was underneath a blanket and didn't care to be disturbed for the blog!

Thanks for checking us out today!

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