Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25th.

Fall is here and the cats are enjoying a crisp, but sunny day at All My Kitties

 First time Customers Leo (above) and Bo (below) are just settling in.  

Bocelli is such a nice kitty.  She just wouldn't hold still for a good camera shot.  

He looks mad but he's really a sweet kitty.

I couldn't make up my mind between these to great shots of Clovis

Well Lilly is being her usual shy self.  Come on Lilly.  Everything is going to be O K.

 Suki loves her favorite basket above the condos.

 Elfie needs a little eye goober cleaning.

 Brody is a creature of habit.  This was his favorite condo last stay and he made it his favorite condo this stay.

 Nice kitties Saddie and Abbie.  I know they are looking for forward to their meal time.  

The mice are back.  Yuki and Hana.  Not sure which one this is but they look identical to me, but Momma can probably tell.

Nixie soaking up the last of the sunshine for today.

Little bit wasn't too sure about the camera at first but then came around for a great pose.

Harriet really wants to tell me something. 

What a great pose by Cougar.

 Miele and Blanton
They come from the same household and love hanging out with each other.

 Otis does a few rolls and flip flops for us.

Who could these paws belong to? 

Peek a boo.  It's Olafs.  What a handsome guy. 


 Archie is watching over the water bowl.  

Pancho trying to soak up some sun.

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