Tuesday, January 23, 2018

January 23rd

Chasing Dreams
At All My Kitties

I lifted the cabin lid and found these two snuggle babies!

Frank & Lopo are best brothers!

The rain makes Bags a sleepy boy

Sweet Oliver

Elijah being camera shy

Maybe because I interrupted his meditation?

Ollie is a roly-poly love bug!

Jubilee's fancy tongue 
Nino has been with us almost a month! We will miss you when you go home today sweet boy.

Nefi has been another long time guest going home today. What a pleasure to care for you all these years and hopefully many more to come!

Maxwell is quiet and sweet as pie

I can never resist giving him a cuddle when I walk by!

Welcome back little Mika!

Hera is all set for Valentines Day

She even came dressed for it!

Maska in her purple palace
Frankie's favorite spot!

Moose has the zoomies!

Getting to know Raleigh

Fast friends!

Ymir is a sleepy baby

Well good morning sweetheart!

Bags senses someone behind him...


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