Friday, January 5, 2018

January 5th

Kickin' off the new year with lots of kitty fun!

Hello Gitana!

Bags is proud to be a cat!  

Sweetest Winston.  

Nino knows how to have a good time!  

Nefi has really warmed up to the place.

Elijah is a little dove!  


Loop and Lil stick together through thick and thin.  

Beautiful Blaire! 

Raleigh's always in a high-up place.  

Lovely Lola. 

Mia is full of movement whenever the camera comes out.  

Ted is a nice guy!

Eru wants to go out of the catio...

And then he wants in five minutes later!  This polite and lovely boy is still looking for a new home after his owner passed away.

Ted again, exploring the catio.  

Lopo, baby!

Kaplan is King of the Catio!

Gitana takes a run around the perimeter.  

Different cabin today, Frank?

Junebug is a joy!

Ollie comes running to say hello.

Pretty boy, L.S.  

Howdy, Louie!

L.E. is as sweet as they come.  

Saoirse is wise and all-knowing.  

Roger's got a big personality to match his size.

Thanks for checking us out today!

Your blog host,


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