Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March 6th

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Still some kitties left after the holiday!

Raffy is right at home!

Welcome back Esme! 

Andy & Niko the most snuggly kitties! 
Phoebe looking SO fabulous

She gives us a mlem

Andy struts her stuff

Otis what are you pacing for?

Leeloo took over your condo!

Mika watches me like prey

Sleepy Mezzy

Leo looks luxurious in his cabin 
You'll get your condo back soon Otis!
Mika helps me wet the towels

Bags is a true gentleman

I think Buddy might need a Scratch n Zoom for at home!

Elijah being bashful

Buddy loves checking out the window

Fern's favorite perch

Leeloo exploring the catio
Snuggle time with Elijah!

Thanks for checking us out!

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