Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 4th

So Cozy with All These Kitties!

Andy & Niko are the cuddliest!

Bella & Geno are a dynamic duo!

Sorry you have to leave today sweet babies Shepard and Tomcat

Raffy all settled in

Someone got into the catnip! Eru lovin life

Luxurious Leo

Its lucky Luke!

Little Mika is back!

Am I the prey?
Hey sweet face!

Its Fern!
Pepper loves to pose for us!

Could you BE any cuter??

Dommy getting cozy in a heated basket

Mesmerizing Mezzy

Apollo staking out his cabin

Leeloo off to important business
Chucco is all chill

And all love!

Otis would live in the catio if he could

Such an elegant pose Otis!
Phoebe you are just fabulous!

Dommy gets photobombed by Taiko

Phoebe you have an amazing mane! 
I caught Mezzy mid-sentence

Important things outside for Leeloo

Fern made it to the catio!

I wish you didn't have to go home today Scout! 
Raffy's new favorite spot

Bags and Elijah have been together so long you'd think they'd be best buds by now!

Sweet Buddy face

Aww Bags

Elijah still looks like a little kitten sometimes

Buddy enjoys the traveling toy!

Thanks for checking us out!

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