Sunday, September 5, 2021

September 5th, 2021

 September 5th, 2021

Happy Sunday, friends! We have a little update for you all today. We're planning to transition away from the blog here on blogspot and move our kitty updates over to Facebook! We have a Facebook page we'll be revamping soon, which we think will make life a little easier for our staff sharing sweet kitty pictures AND for our lovely clients who want to keep tabs on their kitties! We'll keep you updated as we begin our transition, but for now, we've got lots of kitties to show you here!

Handsome Almond did the cutest little yawn in his basket yesterday, but when I looked back at the picture, he looks ferocious! He's a big time sweetie, though, but it sure is a funny picture.

Astro is still figuring things out here. One thing's for sure, though - he's a handsome little guy! So soft and sweet to be around. He's slowly gaining more confidence in this new environment. 


Since this is Baker and Kyrie's first stay, they're still getting used to our routines here. I think they're finding out what they like! Baker tends to keep their condo warm and cozy during the day, while Kyrie enjoys a nice nap on the catio.

Bella and Enzo have stayed with us many times, and it is always great to see them! Enzo is a real tender hearted sweetie, who just wants to find a good place to get cozy. Bella is brave and adventurous, exploring the tops of the condos and tall perches on the catio. 

Ben's favorite spot in the cattery is this window seat! It's the first place he visits every morning after breakfast, and he tends to spend most of his day here.


Bisbee loves to roam around the office. His current favorite spots are the top of the condos and the window seat! He hops down to hang out with me every now and then. 

Blueberry looks so hilarious tucked (mostly) into her den! I think she might be employing the "I can't see you, you can't see me" tactic here, forgetting that she has a tail.

We already know how much Dizzy adores his cat cabin, but in case there was any doubt, we had a proper tour of it today. Dizzy was thrilled to inform us that this one is his house, and he loves his house. Louis has been coming out onto the catio a bit more today, feeling more and more comfortable! Maybe Dizzy is rubbing off on him. 

We had SO many pictures of Ginger being so goofy... It's obvious who is the more serious sister here! Pepper is my little lovebug, I adore hanging out with her. She's usually keeping things nice and calm in her condo or another cozy spot. Ginger, of course, is easily entertained on her own. 


Harvey has found a few fun new spots to hang out this stay! What a handsome guy he is. He's a great guest to have around, it's so fun seeing him explore the cattery.

Handsome Jinx, our little king of the catio. He's the first one to greet me every morning when I come downstairs with breakfast!... I like to pretend it's because he likes me. 

Kiwi looked so regal sitting out on the catio today! And then I caught him with a more goofy look on his face. He's a great guest, and a prime example of a kitty who totally knows the AMK routine!

Big boy Kodiak is so sweet! It makes me so happy to see him when I come downstairs, he likes to trot over and say hi. He's always extra happy when I'm bringing him dinner and we get some good cuddles in before it's time to munch.

Maxwell is a shy little guy who likes to find the nice, quiet spots to hang out. But when I come around to say hello, he's always so happy to see me! He loves getting snuggled down in his den and watching the world from a distance. 

Midnight took a page out of Pepito's book and has begun exploring the catio, too! Now they both have their own shelves they like to nap on. 

Millie just adores the catio, too. It's her favorite place to spend time. I always feel bad when it's time to head back inside for dinner, but at least there's some sense of compensation in the kibble. 



Missy and Sarge both spent their free time out on the catio today! They've been hanging out close to each other, but I don't know if that's intentional or not. 


I would say that for the entire time Mowji has been with us, she has adored her condo and never even left it. Today, she is a new cat, fully exploring all the spots her friends told her to check out. She stole my chair several times, and finally settled in for a good nap on top of the condos. 

Oliver is new around here, but he's settling in well! He's got a big, spacious condo he is beginning to explore. He's got his den, his comfy bed from home, and a nice shelf to perch on. He's taking his time picking his favorite!


Orca also pulled a Mowji and began exploring the office more than she had before! Her frequented spots are the same as Mowji's, though Orca also likes to sit in the window seat. 

Patrick found a nice, tall spot on the catio to hang out, and it was hard to get any good photos of him! He's certainly having a great time. 

Roscoe's bed is one of his favorite places to be. When he's not out on the catio, you can find him curled up here, entertained by whatever the other kitties are up to!

Rufina loves her den! She comes out every now and then, but it's obvious she's very content to be cozy and warm.


Watson recently discovered that he is allowed to be on top of the condos, and whenever he gets a chance, that's where you'll find him. It looks like a really great spot to nap!

Zelda is another one of our guests that loves her den. She's a real sweetie, and every time I come by her condo we have a nice little chat!


It looked like Zuko had a party last night in his condo! He really likes his den, too, but I can never quite catch him sleeping peacefully inside. He always is too happy to see me and has to come say hello!

That's all of our lovely kitties today! We'll keep you updated on our transition over to Facebook and let you know once we're there exclusively. Thanks for all the love and support!


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