Thursday, September 9, 2021

September 9th, 2021


September 9th, 2021
Good afternoon everyone! Before we get started, I just want to say thank you for all the love on the blog recently! We've had a few folks express how much they enjoy it, and we're so glad to hear that! It's a blast taking pictures of the kitties' shenanigans. Let's jump in!

Zeus has been loving the tops of the condos. He was confused about the sudden interested we had in his naptime, but he politely posed for the photos anyway. 

Watson really found his purrfect spot when he discovered the tops of the condos a few days ago. Now, he spends most afternoons napping high up above everyone!

Tubs joined us yesterday and is living it up out on the catio. He's easy to mix up with Pepito, but he's got a cute little dollop of white on his nose that gives him away!

Smokey is back with us! He seems to like the condo he got this go around. It has a good view of the front doors, so he can keep an eye on things. 

Roscoe became really good friends with Bella and Enzo this week! He's been flying solo for most of the day, but I think he did follow Enzo outside to sit together. 😊

Pluto just joined us yesterday and is still figuring things out! He's definitely getting more comfortable and curious about his surroundings.

Patrick is having a great time today! He spent a good amount of time out on the catio today, after staring a slow and comfy morning in his condo. 

Nando is an independent fellow! He's spent his day either in the window seat or on top of the condos. 

Since Mowji has just become best buds with Watson, she hopped in his condo looking for him earlier but he'd already crawled up to the top of the condo. She's now keeping things warm for him when he's ready to come back down!

Sailor seems to be getting more comfortable today! Moses is still nervous, but we spent some one on one time this morning just getting in some good cuddles. 

Missy and Sarge each picked a shelf out on the catio a few weeks ago, and now, whenever they want to be outside, you can always find them on those shelves! They enjoyed a lazy day in the sun.

Midnight and Pepito copied Missy and Sarge's plan for the day and spent it out on the catio. It looks like Pepito got a lovely little nap in his basket!

Gracie isn't too sure about everything still, but like with Moses, I spent a little bit of time just focusing on her to see if that helped. She ended up exploring the office some today, so I'll count it as a win!

Ella is often curled up in her little den, but she went downstairs for a quick scope of the catio this morning. I think she likes how well she fits in her basket. 

Blueberry is arguably the biggest goofball we have with us right now. She cracks me up every day! She's a lover of breakfast and dinner, always overjoyed to see me when I have food in my hands. 

I was just recently informed that Bisbee gives really good hugs! We've cuddled a bit today, but he also loves his window seat time and high-up naps. 

Bella and Enzo had an exciting day today, from naps on the catio, to exploring more of the cattery. They just were so easy to take pictures of today! Bella knows she's the queen of this place, so she likes to look down on everyone from above. Enzo makes such fun faces when I pull my camera out, I can hardly handle it. 

Sometimes I try to sneak photos through the wiring of the condos to keep the kitties from moving when they're doing something cute - Baker has been a nonstop provider of such cuteness! He loves his little bed. Kyrie is totally interested in that adventure life now, she spends as much time as possible either outside or finding new spots to snuggle in the cattery. 

Sweet Astro! I'm so proud of him. He's really opened up and gotten more comfortable with figuring things out around here. The window seat is definitely still his favorite, for sure. 

That's it for now, gang! We'll catch you on Saturday when we'll have a totally full house!

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