Tuesday, October 19, 2021

October 19, 2021

 October 19th

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

We have a smaller group of furry friends today and they are making the most of it!

Apollo loves the tops of the condos! Today, he decided to carry up his favorite toy! He likes dropping it from the top of the condo! I think he is aiming for me!

Ellis was off exploring today while Boomer decided he loves his condo! They are both sweet guys!

Harrington is always very active in the mornings! By afternoon, he is tired from the zoomies and is ready for a nap!

Jinx is the king of the coop and the catio is his domain! He is also the official greeter for new cats! As soon as they come in, he needs to investigate their food bags!

Juniper has really opened up this trip! She is has become the manager of the catio cleanup! What a helpful gal!

Marley is back and settling in well! He immediately went to explore the catio this time!

Missy is having a lazy day! But not so lazy that she is not interested in snuggles!

Nala has been extra cuddly today! She is actually laying in my lap as I write this! 

Percy is not too interested in being friends yet! He loves the window seat and watching all of the birds in the garden!

Rizzo is the most curious! She loves to be where the people are! We love chatting with her as we clean!

Sarge was on some top adventures this morning! 

Schatzi is settling in well! He loves exploring other condos and napping in other cat's beds! 

Smokey is having a great lazy day! He settled in quickly and made himself comfortable!

Tom Wizard has not been too interested in exploring! He loves his condo and basket too much for that! He loves to have his breakfast served in bed!

Tsuki is very hard to get a photo of! She is always in motion and loves snuggles! Every time I try to get a photo, she comes over to get snuggles instead! What a cutie! 

Cat Fun Facts! Cats mark you as their territory when they rub their faces and bodies against you, as they have scent glands in those areas!

See you all on Thursday!


AMK Team

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