Tuesday, October 5, 2021

September 5, 2021

September 5th

 Our furry friends are having a lazy rainy day!

We hope everyone is as warm and dry as our kitties!

Bird is having a great day! She loves to cuddle and play with toys! 

Cougar decided to spend his rainy day with the heating pad in his favorite cat cabin! 

Cousteau and Saba have become fast friends! Where one is, the other is not too far away!

Duck did a lot of exploring today and yesterday! He is determined to fit into every small space in the office! 

Jessica is such a ham! She is too cute and she knows it! She loves being wherever we are to give us a hand!

Jinx is back! He walked in like he owned the place! He was already for his photo shoot too!

Jojo and Minkah are new friends and are settling in well! They were interested in exploring their condo today!

Kashi and Tana are old friends who have not been here in awhile! They are enjoying rediscovering the catio! Kashi loves the cat cabins while Tana loves the high parts of the catio! 

Lillie knows the ropes now! She loves to explore the desk area and take all afternoon naps!

Lucy loves the catio! She is always outside when she can be! What a snuggle-bug! 

Obi has a new favorite spot in the catio! He spent the morning watching the rain from his new basket! 

Oreo was all about today! He loves to greet me as I enter the office and immediately demand love! He is very easy to love! 

Boson and Quark love this cat cabin! They love snuggling together on the heating pad! In the second photo, they look very offended when I lifted the lid! 

Ribby is a very funny cat! He is always demanding scratches and jumping into my lap! 

Missy and Sarge are doing great! I am not sure what they were seeing out the window but they were both surprised that I would dare to disturb them! 

Simba has done a lot of exploring yesterday and today! He has discovered the window seat and he loves it! 

Stormy also went exploring today! She decided that she loves the beds on top of the condos! 

Tux is more of a condo dweller than Oreo! He loves to snuggle up in his blankets and nap the rainy day away! 

Cat Fun Fact! Cats are crepuscular, which means that they’re most active at dawn and dusk!

See you all on Thursday! 

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