Sunday, February 13, 2022

February 13th, 2022

 February 13th, 2022

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, folks! 

While our guests may not be quite as professional as the kitten bowl kitties, we're all excited to watch the big game today.

Apollo was hosting a pregame hang out session at his condo today! He was hanging out on the roof while Stitch and Roxanne got to chill in his condo.

Here's a nice solo shot of Apollo being a cutie!

Apollo G. is hanging out in his favorite spot in the office! The tops of the condos are his favorite nap spot, every time.

While she is still a little shy, Calliope has really opened up to us during her stay! She adores her window seat right next to her condo. You can find her there most of the time!

Sweet Cindy helped out loads today with work on the computer! Nothing like a little lap warmer while you get things done.

Felix and Scarlett are having the exact day that they want - Felix gets his entire condo to himself, sprawled out in his bed, while Scarlett naps on top of Calliope's condo.

Kira was caught in the act! She's been a cheerful little front door greeter today. We had a few kitties check out, and Kira was right there to greet their owners each time! We love a little customer service representative.

Mittens is up to her usual business - hanging out on the catio! She's a huge fan of the shelves that catch the sunlight.

Roxanne is enjoying the sun today, too - sprawled out in all her glory! Nothing like a midday nap to help you gear up for the big game later (and the big snacks).

Sweet boy Stitch is back with us! I love when Stitch comes to visit - he's so friendly and chill. So far today, he has made sure to come check in with us humans anytime we come downstairs. He's a sweet, social guy!

Last but not least, beautiful Yolk! He spent his day doing the usuals - lots of time in the window seat enjoying the sun (and a great view of Mt. Rainier today!) and then tucked in for a little nap before dinner. 

Overall, we're having a great day here at AMK! We'll be back in action on Tuesday with more pictures of more kitties! See you then!


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