Saturday, February 19, 2022

February 19th, 2022

 February 19th, 2022

I think it's officially Winter Break for Seattle schools, which means we have lots of kitties with us this week! We've got a group of absolute sweeties right now, I can't wait to show them off to you. Let's get started!


Apollo is absolutely on a roll with making pals this week. He's cozying up to King and Tut and he fits in just right! I love seeing the kitties make friends!

Handsome Ben has been chatting with me this morning! He's a regular around here, and he totally knows the drill. He loves his condo, snuggling into his bed, and of course, all the pets and attention I can spare.

Celine found a hidden nook! We have a few little spots like this for the kitties, with beds and heating pads to keep them cozy. Looks like Celine is a big fan of this discovery!

Sweet girl Chloe is back! I love this little lady! She's another regular who knows the drill, and we know her, too - this is her spot! She loves napping on top of this condo, but she knows her condo is up the stairs - she's always there waiting right around dinner time!

A shocker yet again, Cindy is back in her favorite spot! She heads home tomorrow, and we will miss her. She's had a lovely stay!

Elsie is a HUGE fan of her basket! Fluffy blankets keep it nice and cozy for her, and she's enjoying it on this cold and dreary day.

I caught Felix and Scarlett during naptime today! Felix looks like the most handsome little guy, looking up at me with kindness even though I totally woke him up. Scarlett's got a great spot on top of my desk, it looks so plush and cozy!

Harvey is the most regal of the kitties staying with us this week! I think he just knows his angles, because I have never taken a bad picture of him. Such a cutie!

King and Tut are up to their usual activities today - lots of catio time and naps mixed in between! I'm so happy they've become pals with Apollo - the three of them really like hanging out at the top of the stairs. 

Kira looks like a little shadow today! She fits right in with our staircase. She's being her usual, chatty self and making sure to interact with every customer that stops by!

Oh, Klaus! I love this little guy!! He was being so cute napping on top of his condo earlier, and it seemed like my petting him was a welcome addition rather than an annoying wake up call. Sweet boy!

Loki J. took a tour of the catio today, and found that he really enjoyed the cat cabins! On a day like today, they're the perfect place to nap with their heated beds.

Luna is hard to snap a picture of!! This is her first stay with us, but you wouldn't know it by watching her explore. She's curious, adventurous, and not at all bothered by being in a new place! She made friends with Yolk, and had to give him a little goodbye kiss since he's heading home this afternoon.

Midge blends in so well in her den, it's hard to tell she's in there! But she's got the right idea... keeping cozy sounds like a plan to me. 

Millie got her exercise by using our scratching post earlier, and decided to curl up for a nap. Seems like she's the type who likes the room to be nice and chilly around her, but with blankets and warm things all around! That's what our baskets were made for.

I'm so glad to have Monkey back! This sweet fella is enjoying his time on the catio today, enjoying some bird watching with his friends.

Oh my goodness... I know these aren't the best photos I've ever taken, but Ollie and Otis are just the cutest! These sweeties were both so eager to get lovins, they both tried to squeeze out of their den at the same time! I just adore them. 

Oreo is looking incredibly regal from her perch out on the catio! This beautiful lady is yet another great guest, always kind and friendly. 

Look at this handsome boy!! Rascal is SUCH a cutie! He just joined us yesterday for his first stay ever with us, and I know his family is missing him. Don't worry, he's getting lots of love and attention! He explored around the office for a little bit today to meet some of his neighbors. He's still figuring everything out around here, but with his curious and friendly personality, I'm sure he's going to be ruling the roost soon!

Roxanne is looking like she's enjoying the catio today, too! A popular hangout spot today, it seems. She's keeping warm in her own basket. Luckily, there's plenty of them to go around!

I've decided Stitch is a magician. The condo I have him assigned to has another open condo right above him - somehow, he has figured out how to maneuver his way up to the top condo! The litter box is the main thing separating the two, and I think he's just able to push his head up against it enough to move it aside and crawl up there. I even put a 7lb weight in the litter box to try to keep him in his room, but clearly he has a favorite spot! Lesson learned - Stitch gets whatever condo Stitch wants!

That's it for today! We'll be back in action on Monday. See you then!


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  1. Thanks for taking such good care of Millie. She loves a warm place and friends too.