Friday, May 20, 2022

May 20, 2022

 May 20th 

Happy Friday, Everyone! 

Today, we were spring cleaning. We cleaned the catio all morning. Our furry friends were not very pleased at first but now they are very happy with their clean outdoor space!

Artemis and Minerva has been exploring a lot today! Arti was not very happy with our cleaning!

Audrey has been exploring the tops of the condos today!

Bastet and Khonsu have settled in well! They have been busy exploring!

Bayley was chatty today! She let us know her opinion on everything!

Bazbeaux was not a fan of our cleaning the catio today! He liked it the way it was!

Ben loves a good window seat!

Catrick has been exploring today! He loves to snuggle!

Cheddar and Swiss love to eat, play, and get head rubs!

Cindy loves to be at the top!

Clover and Sammy decided to take a lazy day!

Cocoa loves to nap in other condos! A new one every day!

Fabio is settling in well! He loves his basket!

Gideon was feeling camera shy today!

Hallie loves her bed and watching me clean!

Loki was hanging out in the cat cabins today! He was not interested in moving so we could clean!

Maisie decided to have a condo day! She loves her bed!

Maks has been exploring today!

Max and Molly are settling in! They are not interested in exploring yet but they like a good head rub!

Someone was in Michie's favorite basket so he decided to sit outside in protest!

Moon and Audrey are becoming friends!

Moon is becoming more bold every day!

Raleigh did not care that we were cleaning! He was staying in his basket!

Saba and Bastet are thinking about starting a girl band!

Saba wanted to help us clean!

Cat Fun Facts! Cats’ collarbones don’t connect to their other bones, as these bones are buried in their shoulder muscles!

See you all on Sunday!


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