Monday, May 2, 2022

May 2nd, 2022

 May 2nd, 2022

Well, it's Monday again, folks... But the good news is, we have plenty of sweet kitties to help you through your day! Let's see what everyone is getting up to.

Zeus has been such a fantastic guest to have around! He heads home tomorrow, and I'm definitely going to miss him. He's been bringing the best friendly, playful energy to the cattery!

Watch out, world! Here comes Turmeric! Tumi's day is usually spent exploring the office for a few hours in the morning before heading back to his condo to wind down with an afternoon nap.

Tibeau is looking VERY handsome out on the catio today! Getting some fresh air despite the occasional rain we're having.

Sometimes when I take a picture of Stitch, it almost looks like he is the shadow of a cat rather than a cat himself! He's got a sort of ethereal quality about him when photographed... Kind of like a bigfoot sighting 👀

Sweet Simba is looking very tucked in and small today! He curled up in his basket and enjoyed a lovely little snuggle session. 

Patrick just discovered our window seats here in the office! He had a lovely little morning sitting out there, breathing in the fresh air and watching the rain and birds in the garden.

I caught Nasfuratu looking super cozy in his den this morning! Every time I see a kitty like this, I just want to shrink down to size and get in there with him! 

Murphy is a huge fan of all spaces tiny in the world... He sneaks under my feet and gets up into my desk while I'm working. I made a little space for him to hang out, so now we get to spend time together while I work on the blog!

Mango is one of the most calm, polite kitties we have at AMK right now! He is always so gentle, kind, and never starts any fights!

Josslyn is a wonderful guest as well! Despite her declining eyesight, this sweet gal is totally able to navigate around and gets lots of love from us humans. She gets a little spooked when a kitty walks by that she wasn't expecting, but who can blame her there.

Harvey did some incredible modeling shots... on the trash can! It's fashion, honey, you wouldn't understand.

Coco and Lily are doing great! I caught Coco hanging out with Stitch for a while this morning, and Lily really likes our high up shelves to watch what the other kitties are getting up to.

Billie has been exploring more and more! We're so proud of her. She was a little nervous when she first arrived, but she's definitely getting more comfortable.

Bucky and Bagheera are doing great! Bucky is such a handsome, goofy little guy. He loves rolling around and getting attention on top of the condos. Bagheera has figured out that he loves the shelf in their condo, but he's also a fan of napping on top of the condo, too!

Archie got cozy and comfy in his condo today, just in time for dinner!

Pip looks like a supermodel! He's had a great day of running around the catio. He gets lots of compliments from customers on his beautiful fur!

Bella and Luna are both keeping cozy today! It's a bit rainy, so I think Bella is less interested in the outdoors and is more interested in her warm, cozy den! Luna found a den that isn't hers, but she still likes it quite a bit.

Anuki and Frida are having a wonderful Monday. Frida got lots of one on one cuddles today, and Anuki likes to swap between hanging out in her condo and napping in the window boxes!

And last but not least, Honey, Jimmy, Sammy, and Peachy! As usual, all four sweeties have been wonderful. Jimmy has been letting us rub his tummy, which has been SO special for us. I just adore this little gang!

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