Sunday, December 18, 2022

December 18th, 2022

 December 18th

Happy Sunday, all the kitties are having a lazy day today!

A-Pui is ready for the holidays!

Angus giving us a purrrrfect model shot!

Beau snoozin' away!

Blossom is catching some sun from the comfort of her bed!

Boba has lots to say today!

Brutus and Hyra love the catio, their fluff keeps them extra warm!

Louis decided today was a nap day and Dizzy came out for some nice head scratches!

Edie is an independent gal who likes watching everything from her condo!

Gus loves all the attention he can get!

Hamza settling in for an evening nap!

Hana and Yuki being their same old cute selves!

Jinx is patiently awaiting for some pets!

Kira likes to be tall!

Kuma who is probably dreaming about dinner!

Luna got lots of pets this morning!

Maggie is a chatty gal who loves her bed, she blends right in!

Pip is coming out to stretch her legs!

Rascal never gets tired of all the attention!

Rocky Rockstar relaxing in his favorite heated bed!

Salem catching some sun!

Yennifer is a sweet little fluff ball who is always on the move!

Teddy checking out the heated floors!

Jubilee watching all the kitties!

That's all for today, see you all on Tuesday!
-AMK Team

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