Friday, December 2, 2022


Happy Friday!
The cats awoke to a fresh layer of snow outside today!  

Archie hanging out in his condo after spending the morning on the catio!

Maisie prefers to stay inside where its warm!

Memo likes to keep an eye on things.

Patrick lives for playtime!

Obi getting ready to pounce!

Nala is such a sweet girl!

Junebug hears a weird noise & Tomwizard is staying cozy in his bed!

Noodles in the warmest spot on the catio!

Oscar getting some air!

Miso is ready for the day!

Dash & Daisy enjopying their new digs in the office!

Turmeric being cute and playing as usual!

Pusheen is such a darling!

A-Pui is the star of the office!

Roxy says "Hey I'm trying to take a nap!"

See you all on Sunday! 
- Love the AMK Team 

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