Thursday, April 27, 2023

April 27, 2023

 April 27th

Happy Thursday!

The Kitties are loving the sun the last couple days! 

Hana getting some sun and 

Yuki tucking her feets on the office chair

Rascal does more than chill on top of condos, 

he loves to head butt the cat wranglers

Erwin exploring the catio

Eren always taking an opportunity for pets!

Teddy strutting through the catio and enjoying cat tree time

Quincy chilling on the catio and loving the giant crinkle ball

Ziggy playing and also wondering what this fountain is...

If you take a zoomed in look, you will see Ziggy in the window box

Fennec strutting in for some pets and Nagi leaving her condo for some catio time

Punky loving the heated cabin and 

Rickon getting a little brushing and enjoying our new crown beds!

Tito says "have you seen all the birds!"

Astra spending some time on the catio

Harry lounging on the catio and
 Iggy getting some attention from Kali.

Apollo loving his regular spot

Opal is a catio master 

Mina is ready for her close up

Tula suuuper relaxed in her condo

Chloe enjoying time on the condos

Tico helping me with my work

Jade getting some fresh air in the window boxes

Harvey showing the cat tree who is boss

Rascal and Ziggy say "See you on Saturday!"

-AMK Team

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