Saturday, April 29, 2023

April 29th, 2023

 April 29th

Happy Saturday, we hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. The kitties sure are! 

Apollo is the king of belly rubs!

Astra showing of her purrrty eyes!

Ben enjoying the breeze!

Hyra and Brutus love spending all their time on the catio!

Chloe patiently waiting for pets!

Eren says "did you see that bird?"

Erwin is daydreaming about snacks!

Scarlett loves all the scritches, while Felix prefers to nap!

Nagi trying her best to blend in and fennec is watching the birds!

Yuki steals the office chair any chance she has, and Hana is happy lounging anywhere!

Harry loves exploring and Iggy always comes to say hi when we pop our head in his condo!

Harvey lounging around after breakfast!

Mina says "look I can touch my nose with my tongue!"

Nittany happy as ever in the sunshine!

Ollie and Otis are best brothers, they even hold hands!

Opal is hanging out with her friend Harry!

Rickon loves to greet us in the mornings, and Punky has found a new best friend here, one of our new kitties Tito!

Quincy is the king of lounging!

Roscoe ran around all morning but eventually settled in for a nap!

Salvador showing us the biggest stretch!

Tico loves to surprise us by jumping on our shoulders and hitching a ride!

Tito has gotten so comfortable here he even made a best friend and cuddle buddy, Punky!

Tula says "I'm still sleeping come back later"

Although Zeus face doesn't show it, he is the happiest boy and loves head scritches!

Ziggy is full of energy all the time and keeps us very entertained!

That's all for today,
see you back here on Monday!
-AMK Team

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  1. Hi it’s Nicole with Punky and Rickon! I love the photos :) however it’s Rickon with a new best friend (love that for him lol) and Punky who loves to say good morning. So happy to see them enjoying themselves, you guys are awesome!