Saturday, May 13, 2023

May 13, 2023

 May 13th 

Hello AMK Fam!
We hope everyone is getting a chance to enjoy the sun, the kitties sure love it!

Punky strutting around the catio 
 Rickon finding a comfy catio cubby
Nisa enjoying the sun and Momo lounging 
Babka with play tine in the window boxes

Fennel says "Did I hear there was catnip?" and Shibden enjoying the warm catio
Noodle rolling around on the warm ground, 
loving the sun
Mango out exploring the catio
Schrodinger enjoying the warm weather!
Roxanne enjoying some catnip
Duncan and Lily love the tops of the condo, 
they like hanging out together
Moose having a little play time
Ollie and Otis lounging around today
Selina getting some pets and 
Zuri exploring high places
Harvey showing the cat tree who's boss
Drake enjoying the catio
Sam posing for the camera
Jinx telling me how much he loves the sun

Ninja and Smokey hanging out in their condo, having some catnip time
Nala exploring all the tall places
Hazel enjoying a cat nip ball and 
Soli still a little shy in her cubby

Guinness cozy in his cubby and 
Jasmine enjoying time in the window
Memo chilling on the warm catio
Hester is still a little camera shy, 
she likes to hang out in her carrier
Arthur strutting around the catio
Beau enjoying some catnip

We will see you Monday 05/15!
-AMK Team

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