Tuesday, May 23, 2023

May 23rd, 2023

 May 23rd

Happy Tuesday!

DeAndra loves to birdwatch after breakfast!
Edgar just woke up from a nap, probably dreaming of snacks and then doing some feather chasing
Isis likes to get some fresh air in the window while Mary prefers to rest on top of her condo!
Maple is the sweetest and smallest, she loves all the attention!
Sam likes exploring all over the office!

Noodles relaxing in a cabin

Mango wants to know what this feather is about 

Arthur is a fan of the feather toy

Raleigh showing you his posing looks 

Toru getting in some playtime
Ash has decided this is comfortable in Smokey condo. 
Smokey deciding if he would like some pets
Toph telling us what she thinks of the feather toy

Brownie and Miso eyeing up the feather toy!

Opal showing you all her playing skills
Otis enjoying the catio

We will see you Thursday!
-AMK Team

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