Friday, July 14, 2023

July 14th, 2023

 July 14th

Happy Friday, we hope everyone enjoys the weekend!
Pashmina loves her basket top
Arya cuddled tight in her cubby, still warming up on her 1st time
Goose says "Isn't my bum cute"
Greta relaxing in her condo
Bondi watching the other kitties from their condo
Percy is a pro at relaxing inside and out

Ninja & Smokey enjoying their window view
Maggie says "check out my belly!"
Kuma is extra sleepy today!
Birdie says "do my paws stink?"
Boba getting lots of playtime in!

Charlie and Percy love all the attention!
Esme thinks the floor is the most comfy!
Shibden and Fennel like to relax in their house!

Geno and Goldie love to explore!
Jasmine giving me a good sniff!
Jazz says "stay hydrated!"
Jet likes to bird watch from the window!

Lulu is hanging out in the window today while Kirk is making sure he gets all of the attention!
Miso taking a nap in a basket bed!
Primrose making the silliest of faces for the camera!
Rascal is snoozin' in the window perch!
Roscoe hanging in his favorite basket bed!

Skylar did lots of exploring this morning but came back in for a nap!
He likes when other kitties visit him

Waffles looves all the head scritches!

That's all for today
see you back here on Sunday Funday!
-AMK Team

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