Saturday, July 22, 2023

July 22, 2023

 July 22

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Waffles posing on the catio 

Kirk loves a cubby and 
Lulu watching the other cats from the comfort of her condo

Primrose would like some pets, no matter where she is

Maggie staying cozy

Ninja and Smokey cuddled up 

Goose lounging on the catio

Zuli looking cute on their condo shelf and exploring the windows

Harley resting and Jojo helping with a back massage

Celia watching the other cats from a warm catio shelf

Truffle and Tofu both enjoying the catio

Jessica showing you the big stretch on top of the condos

Sausage loves a cozy catio cabin

Mak hanging with Jack on top of the condos

Rori always moving around the catio

RB loves the tops of the condos

Sophie loves the catio cabins

Miso and Mochi both enjoying their condo

Gnocchi and Pinot enjoying the window together

Apollo in their fave top of condo spot

Boris exploring all the catio spots

Coconut watching the other cats from the comfort of their condo

Kyrie in their fave basket, 
Baker watching out the window through their condo and 
Casey letting us know they aren't ready to wake up yet

Maya letting us know she loves being outside

Jack posing on the cat tree

Quorra gets right to the catio in the morning

See you all Monday! 
-AMK Team

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