Friday, January 12, 2024

January 12th 2024

 January 12th

Happy first snow of the season, it's extra cold out there so make sure to bundle up!
The kitties are all staying cozy warm over here.

Bug has been exploring all over today!

Cheese is really busy with his toy while Catsby is keeping me company!

Jessica spent about 10min outside before deciding it was too cold!

Ladybird is so small but so full of energy!

Luna has decided Fitz's bed is the most comfortable!

Mantou says "hello I'm up here!"

Toph really wants to see what's in the secret room!

Zeus is hanging out with his friend Fitz!

Fitz is getting all the pets while he stays with us!

Hana loves to be way high up while Yuki just wants some love!

Moose is enjoying the heated catio cabins!

Nina showing of her very lovely mittens, she's dressed for the snow!

Nyx is way too busy exploring and getting pets to stay still for pictures!

Even though it's icy outside Raleigh prefers the catio with out super cozy heating pads!

That's all for today,
see you back here on Sunday!
-AMK Team

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