Saturday, January 6, 2024

January 6th, 2024

 January 6th, 2024

It's the first Caturday of 2024, and our lovely guests are enjoying the start of their weekend!

Batman and Maple have been hanging out on top of the condos!

Bazbeaux is a regular, and totally rules the catio.

Catsby and Cheese are here and having a good time! Cheese is a little bit more shy than his brother, but they both are enjoying their cozy spots!

Fitz is looking handsome as ever! 

Ladybird was tough to take a picture of this morning, she was constantly on the go! I managed to grab an action shot of her enjoying the scratching post on the catio.

Maple looks like she's a regular super model!

Nina gets the role of supervisor today, keeping watch over the cattery!

Little Ruby loooves our heated cat cabins. They're perfect on a chilly day like today!

Miss Toph was looking regal from her spot on top of a condo this morning.

Zeus found this comfy bed and enjoyed a nice nap this morning! I'm not sure if he knows you're also supposed to be able to go inside it, too.

That's all our guests for today! We hope you have a fabulous weekend and we'll check back in on Monday!


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