Sunday, June 2, 2024

June 2, 2024

 June 2nd

Happy Sunday,
 its going to be a very rainy couple of days so don't forget those raincoats!

Bazzy is showing off his gymnastic skills!

Birdie says "hello everyone!"

Geno and Goldie love to hangout where the people are!

Jasper is getting some nose boops!

Jubilee is spending the morning in the window chatting away!

Luna and Maisie looking so cute!

Luna R is tring to blend in with the cat tree!

Monkey spends his days out on the catio!

Mr. Will has a new favorite bed!

Nala is the queen of relaxing!

Persephone has warmed up to us so much so she wants to hangout on my lap while i work on the blog!

Punky and Rickon know all the best spots to hangout!

Ruby loves being up high where she can watch everyone!

Toast is daydreaming about dinner... soon toast, very soon!

That's all for today
see you back here on Tuesday!
-AMK Team

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