Monday, October 10, 2011

I looked up, and what did I see?
Baxter's head looking down at me!

One of our customer's kids brought us that wonderful sign you can see in the background! (Cats Rule!)

Baxter likes to peer over the edges of things, I guess!

Phoenix, behind bars!  He is the floppiest kitty ever!  Another customer came in and fell in love with him.

Larry likes his basket in the window.  Before I so rudely disturbed him by keening "Laaarrry, Laaaaarrrry!!!" he was gazing serenely out the window.

I spy... Jackson's eyes!

He's one of the orangest cats I know!

Jazzmine climbs everything.

This was a cute surprise!  Misty and Piper have made friends and are sharing a heated kitty cabin!

Josie naps solo.

Kiwi, how large your eyes are!

"Yes, my dear."

"All the better to seeee you with, my dear."

Kyro, your nose is so triangular!

"All the better to smell food with, my dear!"

Kiki, you are such a cute lady!

Minga would rather sleep.

Zilla looks surly, but she responds to me every single time I say her name, with various soft noises.  I tried to test my hypothesis just now, by calling to her.  She instantly exited her basket and came towards me, but met a full food dish halfway to me and was effectively distracted, and is now completely ignoring my calls.

Meow!  Cats are the silliest creatures!

Check back often for more kitty antics from our guests here at All My Kitties!
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