Saturday, October 8, 2011

Misty started out so shy...

But now she is an adventurer!

Lulu & Piper!

Baxter keeps an eye on all of us, down below.

Pretty cute white-spot, Bax!

Jackson is here.

Siiiiinging!  (Ok, he was actually hissing...)

Hey there, Larry!

Out for a nice stroll.

Oscar is a sweetie!  She always acknowledges me when I come into the room.

We have so many tuxedo cats!
Josie napping.

Here's Baxter again, being cute!

Lady P, who just arrived today.

And Bentley, who is a friendly dog-cat!

Jules loves to nap in the high up baskets!

Malachi & Phoenix are bros-- it's so cute how they stand shoulder to shoulder.

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