Friday, April 6, 2012

Coco looks like she's smiling! 

She likes the top of the condo.

She's not the only one.  Smudge happily inhabits the high-up pagoda.

Ridley is more down to earth. :)

Roo is alert!

Even relaxing, those eyeballs never rest!

Tinkerbell looks cozy.

Her brother Pistachio takes his cue from her. 

Buster, basket sweet basket.

Sophia pounces playfully.

She can sure strut her stuff!

Pixel spends the afternoon admiring the greenery.

Taiko bonks his head affectionately at me!

What a sweetie pie!

Jaime is not as shy as she lets on at first.  She really opens up!

I thought this photo was sideways...  nope, just Eru!

Kitty is so elegant, a princess in her high tower!

Wynona is not so sure she can trust us wily humans...

Eliza looks peaceful today.

Here's Wade, looking gallant!

We just love all these sweet fur-balls.  Thanks for bringing them to All My Kitties!  I'm gonna go downstairs and rub my face in the next available cat!  (I was cat-deprived on my road trip.)

Your blog host for today,

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