Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 It's shedding season and Eru and Taiku's mom requested that we give them regular brushings.

 So we got the Furminator tool out and look what we got off Taiku in a matter of seconds.

 Eru get's the Furminator treatment too, but we have to get rid of all that loose hair somehow.

 Here comes the Dustbuster but Eru doesn't seem as please with it as he did the brushing.

 Chili Pepper came in yesterday, but she's a shy girl.  It might take a day or two for her to warm up.

 Yana has found a heated basket perched at the top of the cattery.

 Nyer likes the high perch too but the heat from the sun is good enough for him.

 Roo is a pretty cute guy.

 Mittens says "What about me??? I'm cute too."

 Zoe finally came out of her condo and is actually really enjoying the outdoors.

 Roo checking out a few rain drops.

 Kashi is always a good poser for the camera.

 Cookie kitten is such a clown and loves to climb.

 Ms. Wilson always find comfort in a basket somewhere.

 Poncho Villa has been a frequent guest of AMK ever since he was a little itty bitty kitty.

 Artie pulled a switch-e-roo on me and returned to his condo that he had in November.  OK, we'll change condos for you Artie. 

 Tiger has a large double decker condo but he just prefers to hang out on this one ledge.

 Larry waits on the stairs because he knows dinner will be arriving soon.

 Crook is giving me a cautious eye.

 Tana getting ready for a leap to anywhere.

 In the office Sophie keeps Maddie company on top one of the condos.

 Gabby prefers the top of the condos too.

 Why do I even assign condos to these kitties if they're just going to sit on top of them?

 Yes Sophie, you look pretty cute.

 Huxley is playing hide and seek with me.  What are you doing in the closet Huxley?  He's a shy guy but this is kind of new for even him.

Kittyz (yes that's her name) has found a new friend in Rusty.  It's so nice to see kitties finding comfort in each other's company.

More in a few days when Maddie returns from a few days off.

Your blog host today:  Marie

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