Friday, July 20, 2012

Abbott has an announcement to make!!!

Sisters Matilda and Sophie have just arrived.

Their downstairs neighbor has something in common with them.

Costello does his classic nose pointing up, ears slicked back pose.

Chief is a vision of coziness.

Donk happily rubs his chin all over Condo 6A.

"Excuse me?"  Says Zeus, one of the tenants of 6A.

Bodhi licks my thumb...

He's a sweet love bug!

Charlie and Notch are young whippersnappers!

Always playing and exploring.

Charlie peeks at Bodhi.

Monty is talky and has a cute raspy voice.

Lady P likes to go out on quick jaunts outside.

Here she is, looking cute as usual!

Who's this??  Baby Lady P?  No, just Desy.  But she looks like a little Lady P, doesn't she?

William Wallace is such a pleasant guy.  Always in a good mood.

Notch has joined us outside to explore.

Checkers is really enjoying the fresh water I just served him.

Ferby is having an inside day.  I don't blame her, what with all this crazy thunder and lightning!

Buzz is a tangle of legs and tail!

I called his name and an extra paw came out!

Bodhi hangs out with Grimm once the rain lets up a little.

Larry doesn't mind a little sprinkle.  It's good for the constitution!

Smudges is a self-petting cat, I've discovered!

We are well stocked with cute kitties, as usual!
See you soon.
Your blog host,

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