Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cutie Kitties!

Yowch, DJ plays a little rough!

But he is sooo cute it's hard to resist!

We love Donk!

Palu gets a chest scratch.

Then she must clean where I touched her...

Millie is condensed into a tight little ball.

Annie can usually be found near Skippy Jon.  I think they're friends!

Charlie licks her chops.

She is a cutie!

She could be a double for Donk.

Agent Orange enjoys a peaceful breeze.

Hazel stares me down.

William Wallace struts his stuff!

Fraggle defends her turf.

New kitty Bodhi just joined us today, and has already scattered litter everywhere!  :)
Cats will be cats.

Checkers is shy and finds comfort in his carrier.

His pal, Ferby, is ok with a basket instead.

Fruit Bat climbs to the highest points and makes funny noises at us.

He's watching me...


Ellie has found a fort.

Cats RULE!
(No Dogs Allowed)

Oliver is a shy guy, but a big sweetie, and a gentle soul.

What a wide variety of personalities we have over here!

Come see us again soon!
Your host,

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  1. Oh Fraggle, always putting on the tough guy act for strangers when you're secretly such a softie. (Frag was born in the mean streets of the Montana forest - I think he thinks he's a bear.) Maddie you're obviously a cat genius, but if he opens up a bit he'll melt to some ear scratches and massage around the 'armpits'.

    Thank you so much for posting the pics, and taking such great care of my rascal! <3