Monday, August 26, 2013

a very lazy Monday at AMK

Smokey is keeping guard of his condo.. 

Esmerelda came out to see her favorite Maggie.. 

Baby didn't feel like coming out today..

Agent Orange keeping an eye from his bed...

Mr T can't take a lazy day..he's always out and about 

Mr T and Jack.. what awesome buddies

Zorro being lazy in a cozy spot at the top of the stairs.. 

Jack greeting everyone :)

Alfie being lazy from a condo that isn't even his... 

Totes being Totes on the bookshelf.. 

Ada hanging out in her right condo :) not sure why Alfie is in Tote's condo today.. 

Frankie waking up from a nap :)

Rosabelle just defining lazy for us.. 

as is Bentley.. just sleeping away in a cabin

Sam already all cozy..he just got here this morning!

Mr T and Jack bonding at the top of the stairs..their favorite place 


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