Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6th

 Twyla comes down from on top of the condos at night to explore the outside window veranda.

 Queen Sassafras.

 Cleo still not too sure what to make of me, but she seems pretty comfortable in her Xlarge condo.

 Miss Kitty is an old gal of 18 years.

 Lucky shows off her bling.  Wow you're such a showgirl.

 Coco loves this basket on top of the condo and comes out for her photo.

 Jack Black is such a handsome guy.

 Mia and Gatania.

 Gracie in her favorite spot and favorite position.

 Bentley taking a siesta.

 It's amazing that Costello can squeeze into this basket.  He's kind of a big guy.

 Kitty Angel is such a sweet girl.  She has a funny crooked tail.  

 Hazel is very comfortable just lying on the floor, until Abbott comes over to check her out.

Not liking it Abbott. "Read my ears," says Hazel.

 Babs again.  She hasn't moved.


 Another of our show girls, Mittens.

 Can you guess how long this litter will last?  Maybe until Christmas I hope.  By the way, make your holiday reservations now.

 It's full summer here in the AMK garden.  These petunias are looking a little leggy.

 My cat Charles shows off the green tomatoes.

 Our garden "Peace Pole."

 Hey Charles, that's for the birdies.

 Back in the cattery there's more action.

 Costello decides to see what's going on and comes out of his basket.

 Babs is looking a little more alert now too.

 Kitty likes to hide and wraps herself up in the towel.  

 Pretty girl Mittens.  This might have to be the cover of my FaceBook page.

 Kaplan is a nice guy with a short tail.  Is he a Pixie Bob kitty?

 Look whose back!!! It's Esmerelda kitty.  She must be 10 weeks now.

 Phil is a lovely boy and so easy to take care of.

 Millie and Ollie.

What a great way to end the blog with Esmerelda on top of her personally embellished carrier.

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