Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3rd

Cleo checking me out, making sure I'm okay.

Twyla back in her favorite place. On top of the condos!

I love how it looks like Millie is smiling.

Sassafras hanging out.

Butterscotch is such a cutie.

Phil really getting in the summer spirit with his watermelon blanket.

Coco right at home already.

Yummy! Fargo just finishing up breakfast.

Sweet little Hazel. She matches her blanket.

I woke Kitty Angel up from her nap. Sorry!

Pi has claimed two perches. Care to share?

Eli! Sticking his tongue out at me.  Oh well, he's adorable, I forgive him.

And Ziggy's down!

Bentley enjoying a kitty cabin outside.

We have two Millie's!  Wow! She seems a little shocked by that too.

Leo has been chasing me around all day.  He's such a little sweetheart.

"I'm a little busy, can you leave a message?" - Jack Black.

Aww Lupin getting some loving.

Hey, just because he's got this cone around his neck, doesn't mean he can't still hunt!

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