Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beautiful October 6th

 Uh oh!  Someone took a one way flight into the cattery.  
 I'll spare you the sight of some of the remainders.

 All I can say is this guilty party was spotted holding the goods.

 Nyar is very proud of himself and is looking for more.

 Gee Josie, you missed out on all the fun.

 "What I miss?" says Sierra.

 Miele is the first kitty guest to explore our new cattery window.

 Lucy says she likes the window but she prefers to be outside on this beautiful day.

 Meanwhile we get a little stretch action from Josie.  Get out of bed you lazy kitty.

 It takes 10 shots to get one photo of a cat not blinking.  I got this wide eyed photo of Lucy in one shot.

 Olive loves the outdoor cat cabin.

 Kona is thinking about climbing the driftwood cat tree.

 Bentley.  Need I say more?

 I was trying to get a photo of Yana but first she shook her head,

 Then she looked this way,

 And then that way.

 OK this was the best I could get.  Look at that beautiful blue sky today.

 Olive has kissable lips don't you think, or is she pouting?

 Rainy is on top of one of the cat condos.

 Blanton is right below Rainy.  I don't think they are aware of each other.

 Mochi and Pickles are just love kitties.

 Vinnie loves meal time, especially when it's someone else's meal.

 9 times out of 10 you'll find Persia outside on the cat veranda.  What lovely eyes she has.

 Blanton decides to come out of his basket...

Now Rainy spots his neighbor to the south.

What a gorgeous fall day we're having today.  I'm going to my mom's 93rd birthday party this afternoon.  I'm so glad she'll have such a beautiful day to celebrate with the family. Happy Birthday Mom! 

Your blog host today, Marie

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