Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24th

Lady T is such a sweetie.

Is it just me or is that the look of someone who claws chairs?

Lucy just loves this spot.

Popo does get out and move around.. Just not when I have the camera ready!

Bentley making some muffins.

And Lulu's down!

Chief also moves around, again, just not when I have the camera ready.

Coco hanging out.

I think this picture is a very accurate representation of Yana. 

Noodles protecting his banana toy.

Kenji is such a handsome fellow.

Hoover poking his head out to say hello.

Nyar is enjoying the garden.

Hoover :)

Now that is one happy kitty!

Lola isn't so interested in this toy.

But Noodles smacked it right out of my hand.

Lola is interested in the feather toy though.

What a sweet little face.

Oh hey now.

Yana and Nyar are just going crazy for this toy!

Lazer eyes!

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