Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2nd

 Mochi is fascinated with this stick fur toy.

 Pickles is not quite so interested, but will take a whiff of the feather toy.

 Here comes Gracie.  She loves attention.

 She loves to find a cozy spot to sleep in too.

 I brought the stick fur toy out for Vinnie to.  He's showing a little action.

 I was looking all over for Persia.  Oh here she is.  Hey that's not a real kitty there Persia!

 Noodles is normally a very active guy, but not today.  He's content sleeping in his basket on this rainy day.

 Lucky is such a sweetie.  Since I put the heating pad under his bed he's had a smile on his face.

 Kona has her first picture taken here at All My Kitties.  I'm not sure if she is saying "cheese" or protesting at the flash.

 Bentley of course.

 Sierra loves sleeping in this pod.

 Blanton know's it's raining out, but the blanket is still pretty cozy even outside.

 Blanton's sister, Miele is running away from the camera.

Ah ha, I caught you.  Isn't she beautiful?

Here's another beauty, Persia again.  She's kind of hiding too.  Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Miava has been coming to all my kitties for years.  She has a very distinct head.  She is part Oriental.

I showed her the stick toy too and she went into attack mode immediately.

Pickles in her model pose.

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